Preparing you for the corporate STE@M workplace

C I L I C A D E M Y offers specialized hands-on training courses enabling our students to differentiate themselves by enhancing their knowledge, capabilities and improve opportunities for a successful career. The development program provides opportunities to learn new skills while improving successes in hackathons and students can share accomplishments with their peers and potential employers. C I L I C A D E M Y projects are tailored specific to industry needs and students who are motivated to enrich their knowledge and gain work experience in specific fields are teamed together in developing a commercially viable product or application.


C I L I C A D E M Y comprehensive training program is unlike any other in the industry, teams are exposed to each phase of product development from cradle to grave and learn to navigate real world situations encountered in product development and project management.

C I L I C A D E M Y courses are customized for individual’s seeking specific knowledge, skills and career goals that include hardware, software and userEx. Training focuses on, but is not limited to hardware design and development, robotics, automation, software development and integration, including OS porting and migration, frontend, backend API, scripting and database integration.


A strong understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math is fundamental to enter the workplace of today. A good understanding of the processes, workflows and practical experience is required to enter the workforce with confidence and be productive quickly. C I L I C A D E M Y training extends the classroom environment and provides real-world experiences preparing you for the corporate world. C I L I C A D E M Y unique methodologies are designed to develop creative thinking and problem-solving techniques. The program is designed to foster self-motivation and prepare you for the rigor and challenges of the corporate career and enterprise culture. C I L I C A D E M Y prepares you to enter the corporate world with confidence and march head-on in any industry you chose.

C I L I C A D E M Y’s intense Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) curriculum comprising of lectures, tutorials and workshops, covering every aspect of Blockchain technology from cryptography, to security, to consensus, to distributed network computing is one of its kind that spans cryptocurrency, ICO and Enterprise Distributed Ledger Solutions. The curriculum provides appropriate material for trainees to master command over Ethereum, Corda, Sovrin and the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric with hands on tutorials and workshops. At the end of the curriculum trainees emerge as experts fluent in Blockchain, DLT, Hashgraph with ability to develop cryptocurrency and enterprise DLT applications.

The workshop provides answers to several daunting questions that Business Executives, Architects, Development and Marketing Teams need to understand when making critical product definition and evolution decisions:

  1. How does Blockchain and DLT hype matter to the organization and its products and solutions
  2. What are business Concepts and Applications of Blockchain and DLT
  3. Practical and viable use cases of Blockchain and DLT for the company’s products and solutions
  4. Value proposition: Cost versus Benefit Analysis
  5. Available Blockchain and DLT Options and their salient points
  6. When is Blockchain and DLT not the best solution for a specific application

The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain and DLT, the benefits, the challenges, the opportunities and most importantly the value proposition. Trainees benefit from the unique characteristics of the curriculum which provides a comprehensive perspective of the Blockchain and DLT for Cross Industries, with intensive hands on training in Business Logic, Technology, Applications, Deployments and Operations Management.

Specialized courses with lectures and laboratory training in the fundamental definitions and technologies used in Ethereum, Corda, Sovrin and Hyperledger Fabric enable trainees to become proficient and develop applications using the appropriate Blockchain technology.



C I L I C A D E M Y collaborates with STEM Universities to develop on the job training, laboratory, and provides consulting services to represent in standards institutions. C I L I C A D E M Y is platform and technology agnostic with the main focus on modern software development practices and marketability of the new graduates. The rigorous programs use STIGs prescribed by DoD for Cybersecurity training, the NSF supported GENI and Cloudlabs and the most popular opensource commercial development platforms and applications such as VMWare, MySQL, Blockchain, Angular JS and Ruby.






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